Monday, March 16, 2009

BECKY SAGERS (ベッキー・セイガーズ)

The Becky Sagers are a rap group from Chico, Ca. Made up of visual artists Aye Jay (MC Shecklove) and Matt Loomis (DJ Goodburger), the group is rounded out my writer Jeremiah Wade (Heathakilla).

カリフォルニア州の小さな街 チコで活躍しているThe Becky Sagersは、視覚的芸術家のアイ・ジェイ (MC シェックラブ)とマット・ルーミス (DJ グッドバーガー),第三メンバーのジェレマイア・ウェイド (ヘッスサァキラ)からなるラップ・グループ。

Formed in 1993, the group is named after a friend from high school and actually changed the name of the group when the real becky dager got her doctorate, to the Dr. Becky Sagers. PhD. They were lucky enough to get celebrated visual artist Aaron Horkey to design their logo based on his own work that he had done for Rhymeasayers records years before. To this day, the Sagers continue to rap and rhyme, with having fun as their only goal.

また、幸運すぎる彼らのロゴは見ての通り "アーロン・ホーキー"が数年前に手描けた ライム・セイヤーズ (ミネアポリスのミュージック・レーベル)のロゴが元になっている。

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