Monday, July 18, 2016

BOS x MFLABS - T-SHIRTS and Maxi Onepiece #1

 Rose Shards shirt - Stained black and Glow red on Burgundy
  Rose Shards shirt - Clear and Glow white on Mix grey

  Rose Shards Inside out/Reversible print shirt - Discharge white and Grege on Sumi

 Hide the Osprey Splash shirt - Glow red and Metallic pearl-blue on Burgundy
 Rose Shards Maxi onepiece - Stained dark charcoal and Burgundy on Black

SWMN x MEGAFAUNA shirt - Glow red, Stained black and Metallic red foil on Burgundy

Technique : Hand-pulled screen prints
Printed in Tokyo, Japan by Hajime
Planning and Production : Blackosprey Studio, Megafauna Labs
As for the Hide the Osprey Splash behind the shirt pocket - Custom hand made pocket made and sewn by Naomi Yanagi

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