Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mario's Fever Dream

Reproduction of a 2017 exquisite corpse executed by Mike Sutfin (head), Brandon Holt (torso) & Aaron Horkey (legs).
2 color screenprint on Lettra Pearl White 110# 100% cotton stock, signed by all three artists and embossed with the VACCM logo chop

Produced in an edition of 200 pieces with 33 APs, 24" x 36"
Printed by Ben Lafond at BRLSQ, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Published via The VACVVM, catalog number: VCVM124

レトラ パール ホワイト 110# 100% コットン ストックに2色スクリーンプリント。

エディション 200, AP 33
61 x 92 cm
発売はThe VACVVMにて、カタログ番号: VCVM124

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